Thanks Jodi

Here is my first attempt with two of the CakeBookProjects. I tried the gift box cake and the purse cake. They were big hits at my recent holiday and birthday parties.

Your system works! I could not have created them without your training!

The gift box cake turned out so pretty that no one wanted to be the one to cut it.

Pictures of both cakes are enclosed
Thanks Again LL STC MO

I just finished the Hat & Purse project.

The way you broke up the videos was great. Doing each step seperate made it so easy to learn.

Doing the bow by itself, as a separate video,was really good too. Great job!

Breaking it up that way showed me how easy it is to do them.

You are a big hit - a major success! JM - KS
When I started the CakeBookProject, I said these are cute but I can't do anything like that, I am not artistic. However, by the 3rd video segment, I said, "You know, I think I could do that.
This is really good and Jodi explains it so clearly and in good detail. I could do this!"  I love your easy to follow, step-by-step instructions!
Keep up the good work, you are doing fantastic!              DKM - KC MO
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